my user group

Please provide the following information that defines My Profile User Group, which provives the Profile of you want to use from others who have analyzed this Product or Service.
Please select the best fit Selection for each User Group using the pull down menus, except where this required a direct data input.
The My Profile Selection column on the left contains the Selections for your own current Profile.
The My User Group column on the right contains the Selections for the target Profile you want to use.
For any User Element, if My Profile Selection is the same as the My User Group, then no additional Selection is necessary, and the Selection menu is green.
Where you want the data for My User Group to be different from the My Profile Selection, please use the pull down menus in Column My User Group to select your Target Profile, and this will turn the My User Group menu Selection to yellow.

My Profile Element My Profile Slection My User Group
1. What is your Age Group?
2. What is your Gender?  
3. What is your Marital Status?  
4. How many Children are in your household?   
5. What is your highest level of Education?  
6. What is your annual level of Own Income?  
7. What is your annual level of Family Income?  
8. In what Country do you currently reside?  
9. What is the your Postal Code?  
1. How long have you had experience with or owned this Product or Service?  
2. How soon after product or service release did you have experience with or own this product or service?  
3. What is your role in the community for this Product or Service?  
4. What is the context for the use of this Product or Service?